OMGosh it’s adorable.

3 Kids in a Trench Coat is a turn-based, puzzle platformer on mobile about three kids getting into mild mischief while impersonating a 13ft adult in a really, really (really) long coat. You control these three cute, kind, clay kids as they jump, and fall to collect rewards and avoid hazards.

The Game

3 Kids in a Trench Coat is the kind and cute premium mobile game currently being developed by My Name is James Thomas Lewis II, but you can call me Jamie, LLC.


You gotta be sneaky, tho.


Guess the gala’s security teams’ passwords.

Take cute pics

πŸ‘ PicsπŸ‘ or πŸ‘ it πŸ‘ didn’t πŸ‘ happen πŸ‘ 

Don’t get caught

They’ll tell your parents.

Be little and made of clay

You are a little claymation character doing wacky stuff.


Awards and Media

Not a ton to see here…

3 Kids in a Trench Coat was the winner of Vector conferences’ Pitch Contest in 2019 (judged by Jarryd Huntley, Jerry Belich, Rami Ismail, and Lisa Brown). Jamie Lewis was also interviewed at Shawnee State Game Conference as a part of the Real Dudes Podcast.

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